Our Approach

Our philosophy

Ashvale’s coaching philosophy is that we believe our clients have the resources within them to achieve their aspirations; they may be untapped or just hidden.  We aim to facilitate our clients tap into their resources and, with our support, develop new ones to attain their aspirations through coaching.

Our approach

Our executive coaching is an interactive process for developing an individual through reflection, self-awareness and taking action to achieve desired results.  Our coaching style can vary from a non-directive to a more directive style. Similarly our coaching approaches will vary depending upon individual preferences and requirements.  We adopt a blended approach based on our professional and coach training experiences. Our executive coaching is a tailored, 1-to-1 development experience working in partnership with coach and coachee.

At the outset of any coaching engagement, we work with the client to set specific coaching objectives with measureable outcomes enabling the coach and organisation to witness the progress made.  We encourage the involvement of a coaching sponsor or line manager to contribute to and support the coaching objectives and provide feedback throughout the coaching as an indicator of progress being made.  We aim to review progress or re-define the coaching outcomes at the mid-point with the sponsor and evaluate the coaching programme at the conclusion of the programme.

Our ethics

Ashvale coaches are members of and adhere to the Code of Ethics and Practice of the International Coaching Federation, Association for Coaching or European Mentoring and Coaching Council.   They have regular coach supervision for quality assurance and continual professional development.  All coaches have professional indemnity insurance.