Executive Coaching

Ashvale coaches provide coaching to develop leaders in mid-large size financial and professional services organisations and industry, who are interested in personal growth and seek to achieve results for themselves and their business.

Our intention for our executive coaching clients is to raise their awareness and deepen the learning from their experiences.  For many, it is a personal journey of discovery which provides them with greater choice in pursuit of their aspirations and achievement of sustained success.  We will co-create the coaching experience with our clients, providing a balance between safety and challenge in a confidential, non-judgmental environment enabling our clients to achieve more.

‘The coaching time is quite hard work and always pushing towards the objectives.  Jane does not foist her ideas on to me but rather brings out those ideas and qualities which are there but not always fully developed.  In this way, I feel I have ownership of the process.  I feel there have been some clear and specific positive results from the coaching as well as a more general increase in my assurance in the role, all which benefit the firm.’ Practice Head, Global Actuarial Consultancy

Our leader development coaching will facilitate:

For the individual:

Results: defining bold vision, setting clear goals with measureable outcomes, developing strategic relationships, clarifying strategies to progress goals, identifying and overcoming obstacles, and sustaining momentum through self-motivation

Increased self-awareness: developing personal brand, improving decision making, creative problem solving with new possibilities

Enhanced communication and influencing skills: understanding personal preferences, learning to adapt communication and leadership style, engaging others to follow.

For the organisation:

Leaders within the business with self-responsibility to achieve both personal and professional aspirations

Greater resilience among leadership teams within the organisation to withstand pressure of continued change and increasing demands

Individuals with greater meaning and purpose within the organisation leading to increased personal growth and overall effectiveness