Coaching For Success

Imagine improving your level of performance to an even greater level where you become outstanding and stand out.  Coaching for success is a unique programme aimed at individuals to seek greater success and improvement in what they are doing.

This programme focuses on individuals who are technically and commercially strong and seek to develop greater engagement of others, increased self-awareness, more effective decision making, greater tolerance to stress and improved adaptability in the face of change.  The programme is focused on developing further emotional intelligence.

Coaching for success is likely to be most effective when engaged over a 6-12 month period. This is due to the fact that behavioural change takes at least 9-12 months to become embedded although changes will be observable beforehand.

‘The coaching relationship I undertook with Jane Adshead-Grant has been of tremendous value to me both professionally and personally. Jane’s ability to challenge in a sincere, non-threatening way and to stretch my thinking beyond its comfort zone has enabled me to achieve the clarity, strength and self belief needed to face difficult situations both in the work place and also in my personal relationships. I would encourage anyone to give Jane the opportunity to enable them to achieve their “all”.’    EMEA Communications Manager, Technology