Set a successful strategy

If you read my earlier article on Your Gold Medal Equivalent Aspiration, now you will want to set your strategy. Strategy is all about ‘how will you get there?’


I share below five key steps in setting a successful strategy for achieving your aspiration.

  1. What information do you need about your aspiration? What resources/support do you need? Who else is impacted or interested? What are the risks and consequences of doing this or not doing it? Who else is doing or has done this? What worked well or could have been better for them?
  2. Create the strategy by distilling your aspiration into strategic goals. No more than 5 goals as anything more can be hard to retain focus. Allow these goals to be big and bold. Others have called them BHAG (big hairy audacious goals).
  3. Have a plan to achieve your goals. Create some milestones and accountabilities. This will enable you to have some indicators of success as you continue your journey of achieving your aspiration.
  4. Do it! By doing it, you will turn the mental creation (your aspiration) into reality. Keep focused and follow through with your plan and work through your strategic goals. Remember to use the research you conducted and the support and resources you identified.
  5. Check in and change. As with every journey (unless you are totally reliant on the SatNav) you will need to check in to know you are on track. If not, where or what do you need to change to get back on track or change track in light of new information?

It can be easy to be distracted or slip from your strategy. If this happens, stop and allow time for your thoughts. Take some time to reflect on what is going on? What has distracted me? What do I need now to get me back on track? Who else can help me with this? What more do I think?

Setting a successful strategy requires a mind-set of pro-activity and the ability to hold the big picture up. Keep your aspiration in mind as you set your strategy, follow your plan and achieve your strategic goals. Be mindful of the things that might knock you off track and remember being defeated is often only temporary, giving up makes it permanent (Marilyn van Savant).

The time you invest in setting a successful strategy and formulating the plans coupled with a pro-active and big picture mind-set will reap its benefits in your achievement of your aspirations.

What is your first step to setting your successful strategy?