LBS Women in Business Conference

Jane recently attended the LBS Women in Business conference, the theme of which was navigating change in the business world.  The day comprised presentations from a selection of senior women within their business and two panels where women shared the views and experiences of what enabled them to enjoy the success they had achieved.

The key messages for navigating change and enabling success for these women were:

  • Adopt a winning mind-set
  • Know where you want to go and what you want to be
  • Build a strong network of support at home and at work
  • Take more risks and fail fast,  learning  from your mistakes
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be comfortable with the choices you make
  • Network,  network, network

Click here for a summary of each speakers presentation from Sally Tennant in how to adopt a winners mind-set, Lynda Gratton and her view of the future and the need to collaborate and build networks, Sue O’Brien and the empowerment circle for managing your career and Demetra Pinsent and how, turning off the sat nav sometimes is the way to go!